Cut your legal costs in half.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.


For individuals and small teams S


1 legal roadmap

1 discovery call w/ a lawyer

Access to legal templates


For early-stage startups S

Save up to €4k+ on legal costs per year

€55 /month

2 legal roadmaps/month

2 discovery calls/month

Access to legal templates

2 check-ins with Velsa

Pro Plus

For scale-ups and other organizations

Save up to €15k+ on legal costs per year

€175 /month

5 legal roadmaps/month

5 discovery calls/month

Access to legal templates

Document support

5 check-ins with Velsa

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"Velsa was super helpful in helping us understand and validate the regulatory barriers in multiple countries and steps we'd have to take, plus suggesting which lawyer we can contact."

– Cyrosch, CEO, Getpaid

Frequently asked questions

What is a legal roadmap?

Our software creates a legal roadmap based on your product and business data. The roadmap outlines the legal milestones you need to take to solve the legal challenge at hand, with steps, templates, timelines, costs, and relevant legal experts and services.

What is the difference between a check-in and a discovery call?

The check-in with Velsa aims to clarify any open questions that you might have on your legal roadmap and, if needed, prepares you for the upcoming discovery call with a lawyer. In the discovery call with a lawyer, on the other hand, you will discuss the identified legal challenge you are facing and how the lawyer can assist you.

Where can I use Velsa?

Velsa is currently active in Europe.

How can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription here.

Do you want to purchase individual legal roadmaps?

We offer individual legal roadmaps for €49 per request.

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